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- Outstanding - - - 1/20/2017 - comment
As a past graduate in a five year inexplicably complex and destructive relationship and divorce I had the opportunity to see many counselors, multiple programs, the courts and the jail. So few people in this system even attempt to facilitate change. Claudia challenged individuals to actively pursue change in her classes. I am ten years past and was googling to see how she was and was mortified to see with the thousands of men and women she has helped through her career, that not more time has been taken to recognize the overwhelming positive impact her work has done and will continue to do by helping families at the breaking point. The legal system regarding divorce and accusation of spousal abuse is very very broken. There is also a real problem with anger and violence that continues throughout our society. Thank you Claudia for being on the thoughtful and productive side of a very sad and disturbing side of our society. More like you are rare a vitally needed and rare.

- Changing Courses Is A Scam - - A Former Client From 2003 - 10/29/2014 - comment
Back in 2003 I went to Claudia Dias at Changing Courses for anger management. Her program was terrible: she would publicly shame people in her group therapy, had her favorites in the class intimidate those she didn't like and personally I found her to be nonsensical. After 6 sessions I had enough, I told her her program's a joke and I went somewhere else for anger management.The other place I went to get anger management counseling was wonderful and thecounselors there were certainly qualified. I believe Claudia Dias only interested in money and keeping people in her program as long as possible. Back in 2003 her anger management groups were freaking huge and there was soo many people there. At the other place I went, the groups were small and they weren't interested in keeping me there past what I needed. Of course Claudia thinks she's perfect and if you disagree with her she says you have an anger problem. Unfortunately in Sacramento's Family Court she's listed as one of the Court approved anger management counselors and it absolutely floors me how she's even listed! She's also known to keep clients as long as she wants. For example, say your court mandated to take 12 anger management sessions. If she says you need 52 sessions then she will not honor the 12 your mandated to take and will instead tell you that you need to come back week after week (and every week you pay of course) and she will only "pass" you after you do 52 weeks. I knew one gentleman who was mandated 12 anger management sessions and she had him come in for 2 years before she gave him his "certificate". From what Claudia had demonstrated to me she's only interested in money and having people take more sessions than what they need. What's also amazing is that the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences, which licenses mental health counselors, does not list an active license in her name (or for "Claudia Diaz"). She has had a canceled license since 30 April 1999. I don't understand how she's able to be on the list of court approved anger management counselors in Sacramento County but someone needs to the Courts look into this.

- concerned client - - - 11/11/2011 - comment
I cant believe this person is allowed to teach anger management.. She has a restraining order against her in Placer County.... See for yourself.... She's violent. And the court orders people to go to her for help. Unbelievable!!

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